Half Share


Custom cut HALF SHARES include at least 60 to 70 pounds cut and wrapped.  This is our most popular share.

– Half share deposit: $150 due at sign-up

– Half share balance: $325 due by September 1, 2016

– Pay in full $475

Delivery is available for $30 to:

– Northampton, MA
– Boston, MA
– New York, NY
– Sussex, NJ

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We offer CSA shares once per year.  Enrollment runs spring through early summer, customers select cut preferences in early fall, hogs go to market in mid to late fall, and farm pick up or delivery is late December through early February.   Half and full shares receive:

  • Bacon or porkbelly
  • Sausage or ground pork, or trim to make your own sausage
  • Smoked or fresh ham
  • Thick cut chops
  • Ham steaks
  • Ribs: spare ribs and country-style ribs (optional)
  • Roasts: loin roast, shoulder roast, butt (Boston shoulder) roast
  • Leaf lard
  • Back fat
  • Hocks
  • Other oddments (heads, jowls, heart, tongue) usually available upon request


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