• The season for . . .

    Apples and fall flowers.

Welcome to our farm in Wells, Vermont.  

Our final planting of sweet corn was not what we hoped, so we’re taking a short break from the Dorset Market until our heirloom pumpkins and squashes are ready in a couple of weeks.  Look forward to blue hubbard, red kuri, and kabocha winter squashes as well as lovely orange and white pumpkins.  Feeling like fall in the pumpkin patch . . .

Apples already?  Right?  We’re celebrating with daily trips to our Sansa trees:  Rico missed a few blossoms this spring, so a couple of our Sansa trees had a small crop.  (In general, orchardists remove apple blossoms for the first couple of years, so the small immature trees will not bear the weight nor waste energy on a crop, but a few missed sure is a sweet motivator.)  These crisp, delicious apples are tidings of good things to come.

CSA customers:  cut sheets are on the way:  hold on to your hats!

We still have some 2014 Heritage Pork CSA shares available.   Check out our new “quarter” share and excellent new options (chorizo! nitrate-free bacon!) for our half and full share customers.

Keep well,


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