• The season for . . .

    Sweet corn and flowers!

Welcome to our farm in Wells, Vermont.  

Strawberry season is behind us, but sweet corn is finally here!.  Our first planting, a quarter acre plus that we transplanted into the field back on May 24th, is READY.  We are excited to have it for you at the Dorset Farmers’ Market on Sundays from 10AM to 2PM; we are equally excited for the traditional 4AM sweet corn breakfast that commences just before harvest–It’s sublime.

Alongside the piles of sweet corn at the market–get there early, they shrink fast–you’ll find brilliant bouquets of Jill’s flowers.  So pretty, these lovelies brighten our home each week, and now they can brighten yours as well!  Going to market this week:  mixes of sunflowers, zinnias, globe amaranth, nigella (love in a mist), painted tongue, celosia, cosmos, calendula, black-eyed susan and more.

We also have preserved strawberry season in jars–our organic strawberry jam and sauce are also available at the Dorset Market.  Jill remarked that she has never jammed more beautiful berries, and that pure strawberry essence really stands out.  Try some, and let us know what you think.

We still have some 2014 Heritage Pork CSA shares available.   Check out our new “quarter” share and excellent new options (chorizo! nitrate-free bacon!) for our half and full share customers.

As ever,


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